What's new?

Version (20 May 2015)

  • New Feature: HTML5 online publishing
  • New Feature: HTML5 support for Actor pictures and audio files
  • New Feature: HTML5 responsive web design templates
  • New Feature: Online Lua to JavaScript conversion
  • New Feature: Multi-language ResponsiveVoice Text to Speech integration
  • New Feature: Local HTML preview

Version (13 October 2014)

  • New ability to prompt user for input during simulation with [var=?MyVariable] tag
  • Variable values can now be displayed in the menu text with [var=MyVariable] tag
  • New Feature: Added new text to speech option in simulator settings and when playing audio for a node with no files
  • Disconnected links are now repaired upon open
  • Symbols that may prevent Lua from loading are now cleaned from custom field names
  • Character counts are now shown for each localization field
  • XML import is now much more robust to errors
  • Fixed a crash bug when changing the case of a custom field was fixed
  • Fixed a crash when performing various commands when a node link is selected
  • Fixed a crash when creating a new project and not selecting a template
  • Various other minor bug fixes

Version (20 February 2014)

  • Templates can now be applied to existing projects from the “Project” menu
  • Added ability to import XML files to create a new Chat Mapper project
  • New [var=MyVar] dialogue tag to display variable values within dialogue text
  • Introducing the play.chatmapper.com publishing platform
  • Ctrl+ and Ctrl- zoom shortcuts keep selected node within view
  • Ctrl+Mousewheel can be used for quick zooming at cursor location
  • Improved navigation between nodes with arrow keys
  • Fixed a file corruption bug when adding file links
  • Other bug fixes and stability enhancements

Version (23 December 2013)

  • Scripts defined on group nodes are now processed during simulation
  • Main Chat Mapper editing window now remains active when simulation is running
  • Link connector nodes can be mouse-hovered for a node preview of target
  • Node linking mode no longer gets canceled by clicking outside the diagram area
  • Sort order and filters are preserved in asset selection dropdowns
  • Added option to export all conversations with Advanced RTF Export plugin
  • Changed some shortcuts from Ctrl+Alt to Ctrl+Shift for Polish text entry support
  • Changed default JSON export file from .js to .json
  • Fixed version reporting and update checking issue
  • Fixed issues for Windows users without Aero libraries installed
  • Crash bug has been fixed when using enter or tab keys while links are selected
  • Fixed saved state system when custom asset fields have empty default values
  • Numerous other interface and stability improvements

Version (15 October 2013)

  • Fixed an issue with XML export not including asset field values

Version (10 October 2013)

  • Fixed an issue with installation of advanced RTF exporter
  • Added an XML exporter with additional options to split conversations

Version (6 October 2013)

  • Fixed a bug when selecting conversations by double-clicking conversation list
  • Overall stability enhancements
  • Faster project loading
  • Added preference to disable auto-advance during simulation
  • Other minor bug fixes and tweaks

Version (7 June 2013)

  • Improved RTF export (Advanced RTF Export Option)
  • New JSON Exporter

Version (28 May 2013)

  • Completely rewritten copy and paste system
  • New reviewer tools and reviewer notes for license holders
  • Improved XML and RTF export options
  • Fixed auto save issue for some setups
  • Tab can now be used to toggle through fields in new dialogue entry
  • Improved simulator UI
  • Conversation timer added to simulator
  • Fixed problem when changing sort order of assets
  • Scrollbars added to custom fields and long text fields
  • Read-only and network projects can now be opened without issues
  • Dialogue node pips can be mouse hovered for more information
  • Connector nodes now show the title of the dialogue node linked to
  • New error checking to avoid and automatically correct corrupted project links
  • Links can now be added between files
  • Fixed a bug with duplication of conversations
  • Numerous minor bug fixes
  • New and improved installation process

Version (26 August 2012)

  • Fixed a problem with opening project on Windows XP
  • The sort order of asset fields are now synchronized when applying the project settings
  • Scrollbars now appear when asset fields get too tall
  • Fixed a bug with duplication of Conversations
  • Improved detection and correction of malformed links

Version (10 June 2012)

  • Fixed an issue with node text not reflecting changes from the property editor

Version (4 June 2012)

  • Fixed a problem with PDF export
  • Fixed a problem with editing group node properties
  • Other minor tweaks

Version (28 May 2012)

  • New localization system for Commercial license holders
    • New “Localization” asset field type
    • Drop-down selection of active localization in main GUI
  • New Excel export and import for all license holders
  • New command line tools for Commercial license holders
  • New conversation connector link for all editions
  • GUI enhancements
    • Background image now tiles properly for large dialogue trees
    • New smaller splash screen with version information
    • Last opened folder location is remembered
  • Installer will now properly handle users without admin privileges
  • More efficient project loading
  • Better repair of corrupted files when loading
  • Improved conversion of one asset field type to another
  • Fixed a crash on some projects when deleting nodes
  • Fixed a crash when undoing deletion of user variables
  • Fixed a bug with using the “File” asset field type
  • Numerous minor bug fixes

Version (4 Sept 2011)

  • Improved logging system stores more debug information.
  • Disabled code-wrapping in code boxes.
  • Improved Lua error reporting.
  • Fixed a simulation crash when using plus symbol in numeric asset field value.
  • Fixed a crash on some systems when viewing custom asset fields setup screen.
  • Fixed a crash when pressing the delete key with nothing selected in the dialogue tree.

Version (25 Aug 2011)

  • Fixed project packager to correctly include XML video marker files
  • Fixed false validation errors when using videos with markers
  • After packaging, there is no longer a prompt to save
  • The global Lua script box now includes a scrollbar

Version (05 Aug 2011)

  • Find and replace function now allows for searching line breaks by typing [LB]
  • Linking is now canceled when you click anywhere outside of the diagram
  • Lua errors during simulation initialization are now logged to the log.txt file
  • Fixed a crash when simulating dialogues that have line breaks
  • Minor improvements to the welcome screen

Version (01 Aug 2011)

  • New Feature: Export your project to a single package file including all media (Commercial license only)
  • New Feature: When creating a new project, choose from predefined project templates, or make your own
  • New Feature: A global Lua function can now be defined in the project settings that is run only once during simulation
  • A Lua script can now be attached to a root node
  • Improved welcome screen
  • Improved XML export
    • Assets fields can be individually selected for XML export to reduce file size
    • New option to exclude fields with empty values
    • User variable types are now correct
  • All custom asset fields now show up in the add new dialogue window
  • You can now type newlines in the dialogue text by pressing enter
  • Improved emphasis tags including bold, italics, and underline options. Check out the new project settings
  • When validating a conversation, files are now checked for existence
  • Fixed a crash bug when editing custom asset fields
  • Fixed a crash bug when changing window layout after opening a conversation
  • Fixed a bug where the main window would not open on a multi-monitor setup
  • Changed fonts for better usability
  • Numerous minor tweaks

Version (16 Jan 2011)

  • New Feature: WMV video playback is now supported for dialogue nodes including embedded markers
  • New Feature: A video browser was added to preview and add videos to dialogue nodes
  • New Feature: Added an autosave feature
  • When a conversation is loaded, the view now starts centered on the root node
  • Zooming system was refined…. zooming in and out no longer shifts the viewport
  • Updated zoom keybindings: Ctrl+Plus now zooms in and Ctrl+Minus zooms out
  • Default XML export encoding is now UTF-8 rather than UTF-16
  • The window title now updates correctly on save
  • Self-links are no longer allowed
  • Enlarged size of node indicators and connector nodes
  • Malformed dialogue links are now automatically repaired on project open
  • Added undo/redo capability to Lua scripts and conditions editors
  • Added syntax highlighting to Lua scripts and conditions editors
  • Improved find function to limit results by various dialogue fields
  • Added a “goto node” function accessible from the edit menu
  • Added a replace function
  • Fixed a crash bug that some users experienced on startup
  • Fixed a crash bug when an actor in use is deleted and not replaced in a conversation
  • Fixed a crash bug when closing the application while an audio file is playing in the simulator
  • Fixed a bug where the actor and conversant labels on the root node would not update
  • Fixed a bug with GetOutgoingLinks function with the exporter API

Version (10 May 2010)

  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash on startup on Windows XP

Version 1.0 (5 May 2010)

  • Initial Release