1.Transparent Installation and Upfront Disclosure

Chat Mapper is an easy to use software tool for writing and testing nonlinear scenarios.

The download version of Chat Mapper includes the free hobbyist license for personal use. Should you decide to use Chat Mapper for commercial purposes, please purchase a license. Commercial licenses are reasonably priced and directly fund the ongoing development of Chat Mapper.

After downloading, the best place to get started is by opening the included example project and reading the documentation. For a more detailed walk-through, check out the video tutorials on the site.

After submitting your email address you will gain access to Chat Mapper Installer .EXE file for Microsoft Windows. A .MSI download is also provided as an alternative if you are having problems with .EXE download.
The System Requirements are:
Windows XP SP2; Windows Vista; Windows 7; Windows 8
1 GHz Pentium CPU
1024 x 768 or Greater Resolution
Windows Media Player 11+ (for audio playback)
High speed internet required for automatic installation of .NET framework 3.5 (if needed)

Once downloaded run the Chat Mapper Installer EXE
You will be guided through the Install process.

Once installed you can immediately launch Chat Mapper or you may also launch via a Chat Mapper Icon which will be available in your program menu.

2.Simple Removal
At any time the software may be removed through the typical route of accessing Windows Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program, search for Chat Mapper in the list. Select it then click Uninstall, the process is automatic from then on, no reboot is required.

3.Clear Behavior
Once installed you can use Chat Mapper to produce interactive scenarios. The program does not download or install additional software, or make system settings changes, beyond what was offered during the initial installation, if it does so it will do only at the explicit, informed direction of the user.

4.No Snooping
The software does not collect or transmits a user’s personal information, if it does it is transparent about doing so.

5.Keeping Good Company
All bundled libaries are authorizated to be used in the software.