With a state-of-the-art HTML5 web player, Chat Mapper helps you create courses that meet accessibility standards. It assists you in rapidly creating high-quality content by taking care of a slew of complex and time-consuming duties, so that you can dedicate all your attention to content.
What follows is a list of accessibility features we have included as of release 1.9.

Text to speech and audio file support

Chat Mapper integrates ResponsiveVoice to provide high-quality text to speech on all devices without the need for voice actors; nonetheless, we also provide support for audio files in case you want to include professional narration in your scenario. We have also created a tool that automatically assigns audio files to the correct line of dialogue based on their name.

Keyboard-accessible content

Chat Mapper HTML5 scenarios are easy to navigate with a keyboard, so that any individual which experiences difficulty in using a mouse can experience the scenario effortlessly.

  • The Escape key advances or skips dialogue;
  • The Tab key cycles through choices in dialogue (you can also press Shift + Tab to go in reverse);
  • The Enter key selects a dialogue choice.

Responsive Design

We have an entire page dedicated to the wonderful invention that is Responsive Design, but let us go through its main points: RD is a way of creating content that makes it objectively better and more open, and it relieves you, the creator, of the huge burden of creating and maintaining ten different versions of your content, each one for a different device. Chat Mapper scenarios work on any device, incorporate all the features you have on desktop, and are designed to create a consistent experience for all users.

chat mapper accessibility - cm demo

Chat Mapper takes care of all that resizing, remapping and scaling for you.


Flicker reduction

Chat Mapper does not use flashing or blinking text, objects, or other elements with a frequency greater than 2 Hz and lower than 55 Hz. We also recommend creators to conform to this standard when including video.

Support for the hearing impaired

As a scenario editor, Chat Mapper includes by default closed captions for all audio content, be it text-to-speech or audio files, as every sentence is associated with a written line of dialogue that appears on the screen, in high-contrast.

SCORM capable, and integrated with other authoring tools

The gold standard for e-Learning is SCORM, and we couldn’t be prouder to have created a tool that is completely integrated with it and with other authoring tools, like Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline.