Branching Scenarios, Tools and Gamification

chat mapper branching scenarios

A convergence of enabling technologies is available to change the way people learn. Instructional designers and training providers now have the opportunity to include in their learning strategies, stories and games delivered to the learners phones, pads, computers and even the new virtual reality devices.

Technology allows new game-changing experiences using 3D virtual worlds, simulations, serious games and interactive storytelling.

Gamification (which is applying game-related challenges and rewards into any non game-related experience) is proven to create a better learning experience. It is widely used for virtual situations in planning and leadership training. Designing, testing/playing and implementing the game to the highest playable quality is made easy with Chat Mapper. When the lesson becomes a game, everybody wants to win, and can. So it’s not only about how the story is delivered, but how is it told.


What is a branching scenario?

chat mapper branching scenarios

A story can be told, a lecture given or a game played with a branching or non-linear dialogue. The simplest programming terms ‘IF,THEN,ELSE’ can be used to give an endless variety of choices and used to allow the user to navigate their own learning in real life scenarios such as, workplace, classroom or ward.

In a branching scenario, players are offered choices on where to go, who to talk with and what to say. The decisions they make directly affect the next choices, scenes or actions. Choices bring them into the story as they move forward, allowing them to discover more by themselves, at their own pace.

The ‘illusion of freedom’

The gamer’s ‘illusion of freedom’ is a term used by game designers to create an experience whereby players feel like they have the control over what’s happening, when actually it’s all designed for them. It makes branching scenarios so powerful when applied to training, as they make the users feel challenged during the experience, and rewarded and satisfied when completed. Failure is not disappointing when the experience is well designed, it’s an opportunity to find out ‘what if’ ‘why’ and ‘how’ things are the way they are, and to encourage them to try again and improve.


Branching scenarios examples

Branching scenarios are being applied across a range of education and training situations. Linear courses can be adapted and improved with interactive and engaging simulations or experiences. To get more of an idea of what can be done enjoy viewing some demos which give just some ideas of what’s possible.

chat_mapper_healthcare_branching_scenario      game_dialogue


Branching Scenario Tools

Creating branching scenarios and applying gamification to the content doesn’t require a significant amount of resources available or a programmer to do it. You can create engaging experiences by using a variety of authoring software shown below, but only tool like Chat Mapper are built for the task of non-linear scenarios.

  • Articulate Storyline
  • Articulate Presenter
  • Adobe Captivate
  • Trivantis Lectora Inspire
  • Powerpoint
  • Zebrazapps
  • BranchTrack
  • Chat Mapper



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