Downloads and Pricing

ChatMapper is offered with four levels of licensing as detailed below. Clicking the Buy Now link will take you to our secure checkout partner site where you can complete your purchase and your license will be emailed to you.

If you would like to learn more about educational discounts, volume license discounts, affiliate sales, or source code licensing, please contact us at [email protected] .

  • If your entity generates turnover you must purchase a license. The free version is only available for evaluation.Income Restriction
  • One license per developer working with ChatMapper is requiredLicenses
  • If you are selling your products or services, you will need a commercial license.Commercial Purposes
  • Dialogue System for Unity (PixelCrusher) makes it easy to add interactive dialogue and quests to your game. It's a complete, robust solution including a visual node-based editor, dialogue UIs, cutscenes, quest logs, save/load, and more. The core is a lean, efficient conversation system. A large collection of included, optional add-ons make it quick and easy to drop conversations into your project and integrate them with other products. No scripting is required, and complete C# source is included.Dialogue System for Unity
  • While designing a complex conversation, how do you know it will work as intended in the final product? That is where the conversation simulator excels. The simulator will present your dialogue tree as a game complete with audio, graphics, and dialogue menus. You can also use the simulator to debug your logic by tracking variables and finding Lua script errors.Instant Game Simulator
  • When exporting to image, the entire conversation tree will be included, for easy visual debugging and proofing.Export to Image
  • You can export your data from Chat Mapper in a number of formats for import into your game engine, or e-learning system. Common export formats include XML, JSON, RTF, PDF, JPEG, Excel, and Zip packages. If you need more formats, we also offer a custom exporter development kit and/or custom exporter creation services.Advanced Exports
  • If the export options are not sufficient for your application, Chat Mapper offers a fully featured software development kit that will allow you to write your own exporter in .NET. Using the Chat Mapper SDK, you will have full access to all project data and your exporter can be run from withing the main application.Exporter SDK
  • A set of reviewer tools aids in the process of editing and approval of conversations. Reviewer Tools allows locking of the conversation from editing and setting review status of nodes. It allows for lists of comments to be attached to nodes by writers and reviewers. A summary of all reviewer notes in your project is made available, double-clicking an entry from the list jumps to the corresponding node in the tree.Reviewer Tools & Notes
  • Using the custom asset field settings, multiple languages can be defined for the dialogue text of each node in the tree. By exporting to Excel, these fields can quickly be localized and imported back into your conversation. Once written, the active localization shown in the tree can be switched with the click of a button.Localization Support
  • By publishing your project online you can share it with your team (or whoever you wish) for testing, proofing, feedback, etc. No need for messy plugin installs, the HTML5 player works out of the box on modern browsers like Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer, just by clicking on the link!HTML5 Player
  • With saved states you can quickly debug very complex conversations in the simulator without going through them from the start every time, you can just get back to the saved state!Simulator Saved States
  • In almost every non-linear dialogue tree, there are choices presented to the player during the course of the interaction. With Chat Mapper, it is easy to define conditions using Lua to control which tree branches are available based on previous choices. For example, you may only want a certain dialogue to be offered when the player has a specific inventory item. You may also define Lua scripts to be executed when the dialogue is displayed to set custom variable values, useful for assigning scores to correct choices.Lua Scripting Support
  • Embed in Moodle, SCORM, Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, Lectora.eLearning Integration
  • By combining the power of HTML5 Text to Speech with the web player, you will be able to create realistic conversations where actors speak to each other, to get a feel for the flow of the dialogue and possible pain points. Or save a lot of time and money on voice actors!HTML5 Text To Speech
  • To optimize your workflow to the maximum, ChatMapper offers command line tools to automate the publishing and exporting process.Command Line Tools

Indie Developer?

We offer a license for independent developers. It includes the features of the basic free license, advanced exports, and it can be used commercially for entities turning over less than USD$50,000 in revenue.

Chat Mapper approved Indie Developers can purchase the Indie license here for $99.

Custom Development and Integration

We are a small yet experienced team of developers and visionaries who want you to succeed. Through consulting services, custom tools development, and custom integration, we have been able to make possible new ways of approaching complex problems.

If you have a specialty need for software tools or integration, contact us or email [email protected] and let us propose a custom solution that will improve the workflow and efficiency of your business.

Studio Source Code License

Serious about Workflow and Productivity?

Chat Mapper is a powerful productivity tool for creating non-linear dialogue. Studios use Chat Mapper as an integral part of their production pipeline.

Games studios that are using Chat Mapper are saving thousands of dollars a month in game production.

You too could add considerable features and benefits to a build if you have a Chat Mapper source code license to seamlessly and deeply integrate into your game development or learning production workflow.

To find out more about using a source code license, please contact [email protected] for details.